The Cube Affiliation

How do I create my ad service?

I create my account and I choose a package.

Web users place their ad on my site.

I receive payment for every ad placed.
ads placed

Exceptional profitability

The The Cube white-label advertising service is probably the most lucrative on the market. With a product that is easy to sell (multilingual real estate ads) and an average shopping basket that is currently 86,56 GBP, you receive up to 64,92 GBP for each ad placement.

Based on one ad placement per day, the corresponding earnings are 23 696 GBP per year..

About Us

The Cube is the leading European network of shared multilingual ads. Regardless of whether you have your own Web site, you can now earn income by offering our service. Here is how it works:
  • We create a new site for you.
  • Web users can view and place ads on your site.
  • Every time an ad is placed on your site, it is displayed on all the sites in the network.
  • You receive up to 70% of the amount of each ad placed.